Happy BMO Push Day!

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [1227998] B2G Droid product missing some fields that are on FxOS bugs
  • [1231248] Add hint that DuoSec login is probably your LDAP username
  • [1226287] A few more Data & BI Services Team product tweaks
  • [1232324] BMO: Incorrect regexp used to filter bug IDs in Bugzilla::WebService::BugUserLastVisit
  • [1231346] UI tweaks to make 2FA setup/changes more intuitive
  • [1234325] Backport upstream bug 1230932 to bmo/4.2 to fix providing a condition as an ID to the webservice results in a taint error

discuss these changes on mozilla.tools.bmo.


About dlawrence

Currently I work mostly on Bugzilla for the Mozilla Corporation and before that I worked for many years for Red Hat, Inc. I love playing with new technologies such as Linux, mobile devices, as well as constantly trying to improve my novice programming skills.

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