Archive | November 2015

Happy BMO Push Day!

the following changes have been pushed to

  • [1221998] Make sure localconfig is generated deterministically
  • [1219767] Explicitly load extensions at Bugzilla->login
  • [1221423] unable to impersonate users when 2fa is enabled
  • [1181637] Update Req Opening Process (Cost Center list on 2015-07-08)
  • [1223495] String handling bug in form.creative on BMO
  • [1223669] don’t scroll to the top of the page when clicking on the resolution buttons
  • [1209625] MozReview API Keys should use a more specific error message
  • [1223590] Unable to login to bugzilla via login to github (fresh bugzilla account)
  • [1224620] Update VP list in Recruiting Product
  • [1187429] Remove the WebOps Request Form
  • [1225249] module subtitles should be the same size as other text on the page (13px)

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